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Against Medicine Sanctions in 2014


Mr. Secretary-General, Although United Nations in its millennium statement has obligated itself to provide continuous and cheap access to vital drugs and medication to people in developing countries before 2015, Sanctions of founds or money transfer of Iran imposed by the west, has made importing medication and drug to Iran very hard if not impossible. Although recently there are some movements to reduce these sanctions it will not be a reason to ignore what happened to people in my country during these days.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, each of the people participated in “Popular Protest” and signed it are requesting you to use any tools and opportunities available to you, as the Secretary-General of United Nations, to stop continuation of existing sanctions And approval of any new sanctions permanently that causes harm to people’s health & life directly or indirectly in any place in this world. This is a worldwide request based on concepts of sustainable development and this project is an “Art Work” that have been created by people so it would be a record in the history of what politicians have done with the people.


The Guardian: Iranian stars petition UN over medicine shortages


Iranian luminaries have joined a campaign calling on the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, to intervene against the international sanctions that have badly hit the imports of medicine to their country.

The Oscar-winning film-maker Asghar Farhadi and the acclaimed director Abbas Kiarostami are among dozens of prominent Iranians who have participated in the appeal by sending an electronic postcard to Ban in protest at a shortage of medicine in the Islamic republic, one of the unintended consequences of western sanctions.


Touraj Saberivand, an Iranian artist who is the main organiser of the campaign, said he viewed it primarily as an artwork that would allow ordinary people to share their experiences of living under sanctions.

According to Saberivand, an exhibition about the campaign is due to open in Tehran on Wednesday showcasing at least 80 postcards signed by prominent Iranian figures including Farhadi and Kiarostami.

“Sanctions is a hidden war and has widespread effects,” he said. “With creating an artwork in the hands of ordinary people through this petition, we want to invite international organizations to reconsider how they view sanctions as a means to impose pressure.”

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